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Easy Photo Sharing – iOS to Drive

Posted in G Suite, iPad, Lessons, and Quick Tips & Troubleshooting

Every year about this time, the yearbook committee would send out the email requesting our class photos.  Before Google and I became best friends, getting…

LOVING the new Google Slides Updates

Posted in G Suite, and Lessons

So I don’t know about you, but I hadn’t checked out the new updates in Google Slides… until today.  I am LOVING the new updates!…

The 800-pound Gorilla Named YouTube

Posted in G Suite, Lessons, and Presentations

Of course, the 800-pound gorilla hanging around any conversation about online video is YouTube.    ~TeachThought YouTube is often thought of as evil, especially in…

Graphic Novel Projects

Posted in G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Presentations

The Graphic Novel Project is a great example of what can happen when students are given the reins.  The student work attached came from sixth…

Never Skip the Unit Launch Again!

Posted in G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Think Central

Using HMH Journeys?  Ever skip the Unit Launch due to the time factor?  There’s hope.  Let’s face it, time IS precious in the classroom. Every moment has…

The Flipped Classroom

Posted in Chromebook, Doceri, G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Presentations

Students come in ALL shapes and sizes AND require varying modes of instruction… differentiation needed, DUH!  But in the classroom, with limited time and intermittent…

Technology in the Classroom a Monster?

Posted in Quick Tips & Troubleshooting

Technology in the Classroom at times can be such a MONSTER!  But it can also provide MAGIC.   When your faced with a new year,…

Did you know?

Posted in G Suite, and Uncategorized

Did you know you can translate nearly any document you have into almost any language? If you have taught for any number of years, you…

Student Created Digital Book Trailers

Posted in Chromebook, Lessons, SAMR, Software, and WeVideo

A Digital Book Trailer is a project created by Connie Costa as a new take on the old school book reports.  21st Century demands a different…

Brand New to HP Laptops?

Posted in Hardware, HP Laptops, Presentations, and Quick Tips & Troubleshooting

For years our district has used Mac systems.  Recently, the decision was made to go with HP for a variety of reasons.  If switching from…

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