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Month: March 2015


Posted in Quick Tips & Troubleshooting, SMART, SMART Board, and SMART Notebook

Usually, the fix is quick and easy.  Let’s hope this is the case for you!!  Is there a GREEN FLASHING LIGHT?  That is actually good…

Need Student Username and Passwords? No Problem!

Posted in Math, and Think Central

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “How do I get my student usernames and passwords…I have forgotten”?  With the multitude of log ins…

Simple Instructions for Giving the Think Central Benchmarks!

Posted in Math, Presentations, and Think Central

New curriculum programs are always a challenge at first, and Think Central is not any different! But in time, with practice, it DOES get easier.…

Are you Smarter than a Smartboard?

Posted in Hardware, SMART, and SMART Board

After much practice, and making MANY mistakes, I finally realized ALL the capabilities a Smartboard has.  Truly, in the beginning, my Smartboard was “Smarter” than…

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