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Student Created Digital Book Trailers

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A Digital Book Trailer is a project created by Connie Costa as a new take on the old school book reports.  21st Century demands a different kind of teaching.  Students need opportunity to think critically, be creative, communicate, and collaborate.  Using the SAMR model, teachers can provide lessons for students which offer a new twist to what has always been good teaching.  Connie offers the opportunity for her student’s to report on their reading utilizing many of the tools of the SAMR Model, and you can too!  Students read self selected books, and rather than write a boring old book report, they create a “Book Trailer” hoping to excite others to read their book of choice!  See the attached lesson and example student project using WeVideo and let your imagination run wild with possibility!
Student Project Example:

works cited page assignment 5

Do you like the idea of a digital book trailer?  Please comment!  Share your twist on how you infused technology in the classroom!

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