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Custom Color New Google Sites!

Posted in G Suite, and Google Sites

Is anybody else out there as excited as I am about the ability to custom color your New Google Site?!  I just found this little gem today! Though I love the simplicity of the New Google Sites… I really miss the ability to customize as I could in the Classic Google Sites.  Now we can choose a custom color scheme for each of the offered themes, and that’s huge!  Here’s how:

  • First, go to
  • Then, navigate to the top right and click on THEMES

  • The last thing to do is choose a THEME and color scheme.  Under the THEME on the right hand side is the custom colors!  For a little more excitement, add the Chrome extension ColorPick Eyedropper, and snag any color from any web page you visit that you like!  

Coming soon… the many ways you can use the New Google Sites!

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