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Technology has become such a norm in life that we often do not even realize the many ways in which it is being woven into our every day.  In schools, technology is thought of less and less as a subject of instruction and more recognized as an instructional tool. Unfortunately, many educators remain uncomfortable with the seamless integration of technology.  With the many demands of teaching, integration of technology does not need to be “another thing” a teacher has to juggle.  It is my goal to offer support aimed to ease this integration of tech in the classroom and any materials I create toward this endeavor I will share here.

Don’t miss the SJCOE Tech Summit 2017!

Posted in G Suite, and Presentations

The SJCOE Tech Summit 2017 is coming soon…  Be sure to register! From the SJCOE YouTube channel, “The SJCOE Tech Summit is an annual event…

Attention Getting Google Slides

Posted in G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, Presentations, Quick Tips & Troubleshooting, and Slides

Grab the attention of your audience without saying a word! Effective presentations are more than just the tool they are created with. With the right…

The 800-pound Gorilla Named YouTube

Posted in G Suite, Lessons, and Presentations

Of course, the 800-pound gorilla hanging around any conversation about online video is YouTube.    ~TeachThought YouTube is often thought of as evil, especially in…

Graphic Novel Projects

Posted in G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Presentations

The Graphic Novel Project is a great example of what can happen when students are given the reins.  The student work attached came from sixth…

The Flipped Classroom

Posted in Chromebook, Doceri, G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Presentations

Students come in ALL shapes and sizes AND require varying modes of instruction… differentiation needed, DUH!  But in the classroom, with limited time and intermittent…

Brand New to HP Laptops?

Posted in Hardware, HP Laptops, Presentations, and Quick Tips & Troubleshooting

For years our district has used Mac systems.  Recently, the decision was made to go with HP for a variety of reasons.  If switching from…

Doceri…My Latest Favorite Tech Tool!

Posted in Doceri, iPad, Lessons, Presentations, and Software

Doceri has become another one of my “Tech Tool Favorites!”  It is so incredibly versatile.   It is fairly intuitive and completely sets you free…

A Basic Classroom Slide Presentation!

Posted in G Suite, and Presentations

Need some simple, step-by-step, instructions to create your first Virtual Classroom?  Please view the below! [gview file=””]  

Simple Instructions for Giving the Think Central Benchmarks!

Posted in Math, Presentations, and Think Central

New curriculum programs are always a challenge at first, and Think Central is not any different! But in time, with practice, it DOES get easier.…

SBAC Time! (2015-2016)

Posted in Presentations, and SBAC

It is NEVER too late to start familiarizing your students with the process of SBAC!  Their site is live and they have Training and Practice…

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