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Tag: G Suite

Coming Soon! EdTechTeam Stanislaus County 2018 Summit!

Posted in G Suite, and Trainings & Coaching

Getting excited about this coming weekend! May 19-20th, is the EdTechTeam Stanislaus County 2018 Summit! #edtechteam It is coming very…


Posted in Trainings & Coaching

Another successful ETC Conference down! #ETC!2018 Always enjoy coming to this one! It is well attended with over 900 participants…

He Writes!!! How I got my “reluctant to write son” to write!

Posted in EdTech Musings

Not all of us are born writers. Most of us have much to say, and my son is one of…

Teach your Students about Chromebooks!

Posted in "How To", and EdTech Musings

When Google launched Chromebooks for the first time their tagline was, Ready When You Are!   The question is… Are you…