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Automate Appointments w/Google Calendar

Posted in Chrome, G Suite, and Google Calendar

Not an elementary teacher, still keep reading! There is something here for you too! Parent Conference Week is coming soon! Use Google Calendar Appointment Slots…

Don’t miss the SJCOE Tech Summit 2017!

Posted in G Suite, and Presentations

The SJCOE Tech Summit 2017 is coming soon…  Be sure to register! From the SJCOE YouTube channel, “The SJCOE Tech Summit is an annual event…

“Pimp My Drive” Rocks!

Posted in G Suite, and Quick Tips & Troubleshooting

I woke up on a mission today to once and forever PIMP MY DRIVE!  Translate:  Clean up and organize my Google Drive to a somewhat…

Google Slide “Must Know” Hacks!

Posted in Chromebook, G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Slides

Google Slides… built for collaboration, easy offline access for editing AND presenting, simple and easy design features, easy publishing, and available on ANY device!  Students…

Did you know?

Posted in G Suite, and Uncategorized

Did you know you can translate nearly any document you have into almost any language? If you have taught for any number of years, you…

Student Created Digital Book Trailers

Posted in Chromebook, Lessons, SAMR, Software, and WeVideo

A Digital Book Trailer is a project created by Connie Costa as a new take on the old school book reports.  21st Century demands a different…

Google Classroom Tutorial

Posted in Chromebook, G Suite, Math, Music, Science, and Social Sciences

Classroom is yet another great product developed by Google!  It is still in it’s infancy being released just last year and Google promises many new…

Teach your Students about Chromebooks!

Posted in G Suite, and Hardware

When Google launched Chromebooks for the first time their tagline was, Ready When You Are!   The question is… Are you ready?  Operating a Chromebook is…

Google Classroom Intro!

Posted in Chromebook, G Suite, and Presentations

Shared on Google for Education’s YouTube Channel:  Be careful, it’ll give you the goosies!

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