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Don’t miss the SJCOE Tech Summit 2017!

Posted in G Suite, and Presentations

The SJCOE Tech Summit 2017 is coming soon…  Be sure to register! From the SJCOE YouTube channel, “The SJCOE Tech Summit is an annual event…

The 800-pound Gorilla Named YouTube

Posted in G Suite, Lessons, and Presentations

Of course, the 800-pound gorilla hanging around any conversation about online video is YouTube.    ~TeachThought YouTube is often thought of as evil, especially in…

The Flipped Classroom

Posted in Chromebook, Doceri, G Suite, Hyperdocs, Lessons, and Presentations

Students come in ALL shapes and sizes AND require varying modes of instruction… differentiation needed, DUH!  But in the classroom, with limited time and intermittent…

Teaching with iPads and Chromebooks!

Posted in Chromebook, Hardware, iPad, Math, and Presentations

The need to integrate with technology is an ever increasing necessity.  But for some, it is downright scary!  The old saying, “Practice makes perfect” comes…

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