The way in which our kids interact with the world HAS changed. Not IS GOING to change or IS CHANGING, it HAS changed, period. Technology is a regular part of their lives. They do not fear it and, in fact, will use it every chance they are given. Some say it is driving disconnect. I disagree. We now have the ability to instantly connect with people regardless of space and time all over the globe. Technology offers immediate access to information giving all people a greater capacity to problem solve; even the youngest of our students. Collaboration is no longer confined to the classroom walls, but now is only limited by a stifled imagination. Yes, tools in our students hands has the potential to go wrong, but coupled with solid pedagogy and management can be nothing short of magical. It is my goal to help create this magic every chance I get. It really isn’t about the technology (the tools), it is about the LEARNING, the CONNECTIONS, the PROBLEM SOLVING, the ENGAGEMENT, and CREATIVITY. This blog is ALL about that. Here I will post tips, tricks & resources for the purpose of helping you on your journey of tech integration and hope it brings MAGIC into your classroom.


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