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The 800-pound Gorilla Named YouTube

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Of course, the 800-pound gorilla hanging around any conversation about online video is YouTube.    ~TeachThought

YouTube is often thought of as evil, especially in the classroom.  It is very seldom you hear a teacher speak in kind about the use of YouTube in the classroom unless it is a candid conversation about how to spend the last days before vacation, or the day after a field trip.  Oh I know, I have been there.  Unfortunately, “back then” it was simply a means to entertain on what might have been thought of as a “throw away” day.  Frankly, The idea that I could use YouTube as a tantalizing treat, a trickery of sorts, to up the engagement and motivation in my classroom did not even cross my mind.  YouTube was simply entertainment.

I now know, YouTube is SO much MORE!  Coupled with amazing tools such as Edpuzzle and Vibby, YouTube can now be used on the daily to bring exciting, engaging, and best yet, motivating content to our learners.  Let’s face it, we are still killing far too many trees so we can offer students worksheets as their independent work. Worksheets that nobody likes!  Students abhor them, and teachers hate having to grade them!  Fast forward to those using video…

Teachers using instructional video are reporting that their students retain more information, understand concepts more rapidly and are much more engaged and enthusiastic about what they are learning. With budget shortfalls, travel restrictions, and space limitations, video offers a way to take students far beyond the four walls of their classroom and connect them to places they have never been, nor may never have the opportunity to go.  It can offer teachers a way to provide explanation on a difficult to grasp concept that students then get the ability to play over and over again until they reach understanding.  Need a way to share with families what their children are learning in school while they are busy working?  Video!  Video is an amazing way to offer families an insider view on what their children are learning while away each day at school.  How about connecting children to the greater global world?  Providing rich video content can help connect our children to the world in ways that can dismantle social stereotypes.  Something we can use a whole lot of today.

I understand the concern… the fear of “what if”, but I challenge you to try video as an instructional tool… You’ll like it!  Once you do, you will be hooked!  Please check out my latest workshop materials with ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to integrate using video in the classroom!  If you like it, and think you would like to tweak it with your own ideas… Go to File, Make a copy and it is all yours to edit as you wish!  Please comment and share successes with using video in your classrooms!

Video in the Classroom?

Does it belong in the Classroom? Answer: Yes! Of course, the 800-pound gorilla hanging around any conversation about online video is YouTube. ~TeachThought By Kelly Orvick, @Techy_Tech