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Aeries Gradebook Help!

Posted in "How To"

Grades are the subject of both joy and frustration.  Parents, students, and, yes, teachers all find themselves at times elated and also exasperated by *insert rolling drum sound, grades.  Teachers feel an incredible pressure to “get it right,” as they should.  But in this day and age, there is an added element of struggle.  That struggle is, oftentimes, not just making a decision on the accumulated grades (some being very subjective) but, often coupled these days with becoming familiar with an online grade book.   Aeries, though much more than a grade book, is one teachers may be attempting to learn.  The first time though is not always an easy feat… if you are struggling and are in need of some additional help understanding the Aeries grade book, never fear, help is here!  Aeries has put together wonderful guides giving teachers step-by-step instructions on how to operate their grade book.  Please follow the link below for some additional support:

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Shared from Aeries Training and Support pages.