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Annotate Attachments in the Mobile Google Classroom App!

Posted in "How To"

Do you know you now have the ability to draw, type, or write on attachments in the Mobile Google Classroom App? With the new annotating tool, you can now underline text, put boxes around sections, highlight important facts, or draw an entire sketch such as the parts of a cell or the steps of a math problem. Teachers can assign in Classroom and ask students to “draw” what they know as well as give students immediate feedback in their own handwriting! The same document can be edited by both teacher and student adding valuable feedback for both!

Annotating can be done over JPEG, PNG, Word Docs, Google Docs, and PDF attachments. (Images and PDF annotations are saved over the original. Word Doc and Google Doc annotations are saved as a separate PDF.)

  • Open the Google Classroom Mobile App  

  • Navigate to any Classroom assignment

  • Tap to Open the attachment

  • At the top, tap the . This opens the editing tools at the bottom of your screen.

  • Tap once to select the tool, again for ink color and size options, and swipe up for even more options.

  • Create your notes or drawings.

  • Tap Save 

That’s it! The edited attachment will either be added to the assignment or replace the one that is there! (See notes above)