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Are you signed into Chrome?

Posted in "How To"

Signing into Chrome is NOT the same as signing into Gmail, Drive, Docs, or any of the other G Suite products.

Why sign in? It makes life easy and saves you time! Signing into Chrome will automatically sign you into Gmail, YouTube, Search or any other Google service. Once you are signed in it will sync all browsing data such as bookmarks, history, etc.  Navigation becomes easy when every time you log in, all bookmarks are located in the same location.  Be like Nike, Just Do It.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and click on the three dots (or bars) to the top right of your screen.

2. Click on Settings, near the bottom.

3. Click on Sign into Chrome  (Lodi Unified for example signs in using their email and password)

4. If signed in, double check it is the correct account AND that your password is updated.

5. The last step is to link data.  That’s it!

You do have some options for which items will sync when you link data.  The more you link, the simpler your life will be.

I personally choose to Sync everything, but that is a personal preference. Once logged in, you can close your Settings tab and get to work!

*Having said that, do not sign into Chrome and link your data on a machine that is available to the public and used by multiple people unless you also plan to disconnect and remove all your data when you are finished.