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Are you Smarter than a Smartboard?

Posted in "How To", and EdTech Musings

After much practice, and making MANY mistakes, I finally realized ALL the capabilities a Smartboard has.  Truly, in the beginning, my Smartboard was “Smarter” than I.  It all began as I returned from summer vacation to find this wonderful new “thing” hanging in the middle of my only whiteboard space.  I was very excited, but quite uncertain how it all worked.  What I learned immediately, like so many Smartboard users do, was what a wonderfully clear picture it displayed!  Next, I turned on my Elmo… and OMG, everything, including the lines on the palms of my hands would display marvelously in color on this incredible “thing” called a Smartboard.  Eventually, I would even learn that I could pick up a pen from the tray periodically and make the darn thing produce colored ink on my board! But, for some time, I am ashamed to admit, that was it.  That was the extent that I was able to use this marvelous and very expensive machine!  In time, I would learn a bit more.  This Smartboard had infinite ink!  Page after new page, I could write on and on in my lessons!  (Poor children.)  Even better, if I really liked this lesson I produced on the infinite whiteboard space, I could even save it for another day and not have to rewrite it!  With time and much more practice, I would ultimately learn the Smartboard is SO much more!  Within the Smartboard software, there are 5000+ items that come for immediate use and infinite already made lessons to be downloaded for free on the Smart Exchange Website.

To save you the time of having to troubleshoot your way through the learning process, I have created a Notebook file free for your use.  Download this file, and learn about the many features of Smart Notebook as you walk  yourself through each slide.  I have also included a PDF just for viewing.  Pdf’s will not be able to be manipulated like a .notebook file.  Only Smart Technologies software will open this link.

PDF file for download (This takes time to download):  SMART Notebook Level 2

Click Notebook Icon for download:  [google-drive-embed url=”” title=”SMART Board Level 2.notebook” icon=”” newwindow=”yes” style=”normal”]