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Attention Getting Google Slides

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Grab the attention of your audience without saying a word!

Effective presentations are more than just the tool they are created with. With the right design, a great message can be delivered with a punch!  Don’t let the wrong design weaken your message.  Use these impressive Google Slides hacks to grab the attention of your audience and keep it!

Layer Objects for Added Effect & Depth

Use the “Shape” tool to choose a variety of shapes and callouts.

  • Choose the desired “Shape” to create an object on the Slide.
  • Click and Drag to create an object the desired size.

Now, to add effect or depth to your Slide, copy the object, and layer it either behind or in front.  

  • Click on the original object
  • Choose “Ctrl + C” to copy
  • Then, “Ctrl + V” to paste
    • Depth w/Shadows
      • To create depth, use the fill tool (the paint can) to fill with your chosen (usually darker) color.
      • Hold the “Ctrl + the down arrow” to drop the dark filled object behind the original. (Order)
      • Click and drag to the desired position.
    •  Added effects
      • To create added effects, use the “Ctrl + C” to copy
      • Click and drag from the corner to shrink or enlarge.  (Hold the Shift key to constrain proportions.)
      • Then, drag to desired position.

Use “Mask Image” to Create Powerful Special Effects

Create a Split Image to draw attention to exactly what you wish your audience to see.  Use the “Mask Image” tool to create this hack.

  • First select an image.
    • Choose “Insert”, then “Image”
    • Go to “Search” and find insert an image.
  • Next, mask the image and duplicate.
    • Double click the image
    • Chose the “Mask image” tool
      • The “Mask image” tool frames the image so that the image takes on the shape chosen.
      • Choose the desired shape by clicking on the down arrow and choosing a shape.
      • Click on slide anywhere off the image, and the image will now take the shape selected.
    • Select image by clicking once to resize and reshape
      • Drag corners to resize (hold shift to constrain dimensions)
      • Drag yellow diamond to change width, height, and corner dimensions of shape.
    • Double click image to adjust frame size or to adjust position of image.
      • Drag corners to resize frame
      • Click and drag image to adjust position of image within the frame.
  • Rinse and Repeat for duplicate images adjusting according to desired effect.

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Have fun!