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Category: “How To”

“How To” is exactly that; how to on pretty much any topic that arises around the integration of technology. In my travels, I am asked often, “How does or How can I or How is this…?” type questions. In sharing the answer to those “How To” questions, I hope I can help you too!

Create an Open House Video with Images!

Posted in "How To", EdTech Musings, and Open House

I knew creating graphics of all sorts were incredibly simple, but amazing with @AdobeSpark because I had used them with…

The Flipped Classroom

Posted in "How To", G Suite, and Trainings & Coaching

The Flipped Classroom In a blended or flipped environment, students receive their “lesson” ahead of time via video providing added…

I’m NOT a Publisher, BUT Tech Makes Me Feel Like One!

Posted in "How To", EdTech Musings, G Suite, and Teaching

Truly… I’m not a publisher, but today in a matter of a couple of hours with a couple of my…

National Earth Day is April 22nd!

Posted in "How To", EdTech Musings, and Uncategorized

National Earth Day is April 22nd, BUT the window for SBA testing has opened. Who has the time right now…

Favorite Chrome Extensions

Posted in "How To", EdTech Musings, G Suite, and Teaching

My #1 priority as an instructional technology coach is ALWAYS to find ways which make the life of a teacher…

Check Check #CheckMark!

Posted in "How To", and EdTech Musings

Yet ANOTHER reason to stop carrying around stacks of papers to grade! Let’s not even talk about the other benefits…

Annotate Attachments in the Mobile Google Classroom App!

Posted in "How To"

Do you know you now have the ability to draw, type, or write on attachments in the Mobile Google Classroom…

Automate Appointments w/Google Calendar

Posted in "How To"

Not an elementary teacher, still keep reading! There is something here for you too! Parent Conference Week is coming soon!…