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Check Check #CheckMark!

Posted in "How To", and EdTech Musings

Yet ANOTHER reason to stop carrying around stacks of papers to grade! Let’s not even talk about the other benefits of #GoogleDocs, especially when assigned in #GoogleClassroom. Creating an assignment in #GoogleClassroom offers so many benefits such as:

  • The ability to link virtually, no pun intended, ANY resource and share with students for the purpose of expanding their minds!
  • One place to access all students work, interact with them in real-time, and guide from the side.
  • The ability to have a private conversation with each student without any other “ears” listening in.
  • A space for students to ask questions privately that they might not otherwise ask.
  • The ability to attach a voice note in that private conversation space if your or the students preferred that.
  • Tools, such as Voice Typing, so that reluctant writers will now actually write!
  • How about this one? No more “no names”!
  • Access for parents, students and teachers 24/7 that is device agnostic! What does that mean? Any device that can get the Classroom app can open and annotate the assignment!

OK you get the point… that is a short list of what #GoogleDocs, Slides, Sheets, etc & Classroom together can offer. And (yes, grammatical error) why do I think that is so exciting? Because it buys you, the teacher, time so that you now can work with students face-to-face for real!  Online editing is quick and can be done anytime. When? is decided by you. But if that wasn’t exciting enough… now look what the cool kids, EdTechTeam, brought us! A completely simplified method for providing students feedback on work that is created on a Google Doc. Statistically it is proven that if your feedback does not target the task, come in a timely manner, or provide specific direction then it can even be detrimental to student learning. Of course, that is nothing any teacher would want.

Check out CheckMark by @EdTechTeam !

How? Well first you need to get the extension. Go to the Chrome Web Store, search #CheckMark, and . Once the extension is added, it will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click to launch it, then click on enable. You will see a Preview option. Click on the pencil to the right of Preview for editing the already created shortcut key list or for the ability to add your own! See below:

Begin grading! Simply open your students document and begin reading. For easy editing, highlight the section needing correction and a palette of canned responses will appear! Select desired edit response and the full message will magically appear to the right of the document for easy access by the student.

BOOM! Drop the mic.