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Custom Color New Google Sites!

Posted in "How To", and EdTech Musings

Is anybody else out there as excited as I am about the ability to custom color your New Google Site?!  I just found this little gem today! Though I love the simplicity of the New Google Sites… I really miss the ability to customize as I could in the Classic Google Sites.  Now we can choose a custom color scheme for each of the offered themes, and that’s huge!  Here’s how:

  • First, go to
  • Then, navigate to the top right and click on THEMES

  • The last thing to do is choose a THEME and color scheme.  Under the THEME on the right hand side is the custom colors!  For a little more excitement, add the Chrome extension ColorPick Eyedropper, and snag any color from any web page you visit that you like!  [embedyt][/embedyt]

Coming soon… the many ways you can use the New Google Sites!