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Doceri…My Latest Favorite Tech Tool!

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Doceri has become another one of my “Tech Tool Favorites!”  It is so incredibly versatile.   It is fairly intuitive and completely sets you free in the classroom.  No more being tethered to the computer once you get the hang of Doceri.  You are free to move about the room and remotely run any program you have on your teacher computer.  But it is even better than that!  Any PDF, any PPT, any DOC, any saved link, pretty much ANYTHING can be opened, annotated on, saved, voice recorded over, and then SHARED!  It is pretty slick.  All you need is an iPad, the Doceri App (free by the way), and the software on your computer, which runs for under $30!  It really can’t be beat; give it a try!

Intro to Doceri (Public)

introducing DOCERI Kelly Orvick* Instructional Tech Coach

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