Emoji Prompt Writing for Open House!

What is Emoji Prompt Writing? The digital versions are a couple of really sweet sites that offer random generators which when clicked will produce Emoji’s one at a time in a random order. As the emojis are presented, the student writes the first thing that comes to mind. After a series of several Emoji’s, there is a complete and often amazingly creative story. Though it is a really fun and engaging way to encourage creative writing, Emoji prompt writing isn’t just for students. Many of us have Open House coming soon. Why not set up an Emoji Prompt Writing station for parents!?

Open House is traditionally a night for parents to come to school, meet with teachers, and enjoy a snapshot of their child’s learning throughout the school year. Teachers spend a generous amount of time creating exciting ways to engage and entertain families who make the effort to come. Though the traditional papers and projects that have been meticulously collected throughout the year are on display, why not also incorporate some digital fun.

In my past years, I set up QR Code Walk-Abouts. In the Walk-Abouts, parents would scan a QR code to visit a particular digital piece of work their child had created or it would show them a clue to the next station. The Emoji Prompt Writing Station would be a fun addition.

Emoji Prompt Writing is a fun and engaging way to get students of ALL ages to write. Because it is only images presented, it leaves it wide open to the imagination and even your youngest learners can participate. We want our students to have fun while they learn to write. Let’s create the same experience for our parents when they visit during Open House. So how do you get started?

Two of my favorite Emoji Prompt Generators are Eric Curts’ Emoji Random Writing Prompt Generator spreadsheet and Ian Byrd’s Byrdseed Emoji Prompt Generator. Both work very well. Ian’s is very simplistic and easy to use. Eric’s though a little more complicated is also more robust so it just depends on what you are looking for.

Now for the station setup! It can be done in a variety of ways, but maybe the most simplistic is to set up a table with paper, pens, and pencils. Maybe a couple of emoji sticker sheets for fun! Next, you will want to choose the Emoji Prompt Generator you prefer, either Eric’s Sheet or the Byrdseed link and create a QR Code for it. To create the QR code use the Chrome browser, then go to the Chrome Web Store and search for a QR Code generator. There are many good ones. I am currently using the Quick QR Code Generator. It is a click of a button and it will create the QR Code.

With the extension added, you will open the Emoji Prompt Generator that you chose. Next you simply click on the QR generator extension and a QR Code will pop up! Once you have the QR Code created, you simply print it and display it either on a wall over the writing station or perhaps lay it directly on the table. Also, on the table print some simple directions for using either a Chromebook or phone to scan the QR Code just in case the families need the added help.

Non-techy families? No worries! Print out some emojis and make flashcards out of them. Have them also on the table just in case the tech fails. (Because it never does!) This too is fun. Students can simply shuffle the cards and present them to their families in random order asking them to tell or write a story. Bingo! Another fun and engaging Open House activity. What kind of things do you add to Open House to bring the fun and up the family engagement? Please comment below!