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Another successful ETC Conference down! #ETC!2018 Always enjoy coming to this one! It is well attended with over 900 participants from near and far and hosts a wide variety of sessions all addressing the integration of technology in the classroom. I was lucky enough to be both a participant and presenter! I love to share ed tech integration with anybody who will listen 😁 and did so today for the first two sessions; Leveraging G Suite as a Leader and Video in the Classroom.

First session: Leveraging G Suite as a Leader

I am so sold on the G Suite for Education tools and their ability to truly connect, collaborate, create, and think critically in such a wide variety of ways. Not for just our students and teachers either… our leaders can streamline many processes utilizing the 4C’s power too! Truly endless possibilities. Check it out!

Leveraging G Suite as a Leader (Public)

Leverage G Suite as a Leader!

Second Session:  Video in the Classroom

I affectionately refer to YouTube as Professor YouTube as it is often the first place I think to go when I need to better understand something. That is not usually the case with a classroom teacher who is dealing with constant redirecting of bad behavior around this thing called YouTube. In Video in the Classroom we talk about, yes the sometimes frustration with YouTube, but also the power it has to engage and get students excited about learning again. Included are powerful tools like EdPuzzle, Vibby, and ViewPure, which provide methods of lessoning distraction and increasing engagement.

Video in the Classroom?

Does it belong in the Classroom? Answer: Yes! Of course, the 800-pound gorilla hanging around any conversation about online video is YouTube. ~TeachThought By Kelly Orvick, @Techy_Tech

Third Session: Cybersecurity Awareness and Safe Practices

Here we learned “about Cybersecurity, current trends, data privacy and best practices to stay protected and secure online. Learn to be proactive in a digital age. Review the top ten Cybersecurity tips and promote October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and National Bullying Prevention Month.” It is not often that I filter my information through the lens of an IT Network Directors or Coordinators. Trish Paulson, Sally Savona, Emilia Semoes gave presented the realities of what can happen and provided sound advice for how to be sure we and our students remain safe while perusing the web.

ETC 2018: Cybersecurity Awareness and Safe Practic…

Speakers Division Director, Technology & Learning Resources, Stanislaus County Office of Education Director II Information Technology, Stanislaus County Office of Education Download our presentation here until March 15th: Saturday February 24, 2018 12:45pm – 1:45pm Bizzini Hall 114 1 University Cir, Turlock, CA 95382

Last, but NOT Least:  Don’t Be Scared, Google Sheets Won’t Hurt You, Part 2: Intermediate/Advanced, Data Analysis for Educators

It is the fourth session and I was nearing capacity, but Jeff did not disappoint. Though I can make my way around a Sheet fairly successful, I am like most people as Jeff stated, intimidated by spread sheets. I don’t know why that is either. I usually figure out what I need. Its like Sheets have magical powers that are specifically only available to those math minded geniuses that can figure out how they operate. Well Jeff saved the day with many examples of easy to do, not so scary functions of a Sheet that I do believe I can remember and use. Check out his materials linked to the session.

ETC 2018: Don’t Be Scared, Google Sheets Won’t Hur…

Speakers U.S. History Teacher, Hughson Unified School District I am a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Innovator. | | I teach am a middle school US history with technology every day. Students complete nearly all assignments utilizing a class set of Chomebooks.

The day ended ceremoniously as the organizers of ETC! raffled off great prizes. Though I wasn’t a prize winner, I left excited about what I had just shared and learned and can’t wait for #ETC!2019!

Full ETC!2018 Schedule:

ETC 2018 Schedule

See the full schedule of events happening Feb 23 – 24, 2018 and explore the directory of Speakers & Attendees.