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Google Classroom Calendars Encourage Responsibility

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Keeping up with classroom assignments and homework these days is no easy task for any aged child, but especially for those in middle and high school with multiple teachers. Frankly, with the amount of homework assigned these days, for some students staying organized and caught up is a daunting task. Personally, I wish homework was a thing of the past allowing students the ability to enjoy whatever it is they enjoy after school, but that is a whole post of its own for another day. Today lets talk Google Classroom Calendars and how they can help students get organized and keep up with their assignments!

Did you know when you create a Google Classroom and invite your students in, each of them automatically get a Classroom Google Calendar? Did you also know that every time you create an assignment in that Classroom, the students will then have that assignment also on their calendar? Even better, the students will have the capacity to personalize that entry so that it becomes a powerful organization tool. One with the ability to color code and set reminders if they see fit!

Here’s how:

Every Google Classroom you create automatically comes with its own connected Google Calendar. It can be viewed both from the Google Classroom and also from your Google Calendar.

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How do assignments appear on student’s calendars? It really is quite simple. You, the teacher, create an assignment. For each student in the class, a Google Calendar event (the assignment) is created. Each student then can set reminders, color code the calendars as needed for their own personal organization style. Some students may need reminders set as notifications on their phone, others simply need the visual, but what an incredible tool for empowering students to take responsibility for their own learning. There really is no, “I forgot I had that assignment” with the options offered in Google Calendar. It is a powerful tool in our home not only for my son but also for me as his mother! It is a great teaching moment helping him to realize his capacity for controlling “his” success in a world (that organized world) he might not otherwise be able to.

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