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Google Slide “Must Know” Hacks!

Posted in "How To"

Google Slides… built for collaboration, easy offline access for editing AND presenting, simple and easy design features, easy publishing, and available on ANY device!  Students and teachers alike can use Slides to create projects for many purposes.  As teachers, we are always looking for “evidence” of student learning.  Slides are a perfect platform for students to share “what they know”.  Students can easily create collaborative or individual projects such as adventure stories, e-books, self-running informational slide shows, animated stories, and so much more!  Slides offer teachers the ability to send students on adventures of learning all housed in one unique, fun, and engaging platform, aka HyperDocs.  Lessons no longer need to be delivered 100% in person by the teacher.  Slides provide the ability to embed video, links, images, and many design features perfect for providing an entire lesson; even better a lesson students get excited about!  With the help of a Chrome app called Screencastify, teachers can create video content, which can be easily embed into a Slide and shared with students.  Slides are so much more than simply a presentation tool today.  Check out the following Slide deck for some “Must Know” hacks to begin creating your own beautiful Slides content.

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Google Slide Hacks” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

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