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Graphic Novel Projects

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The Graphic Novel Project is a great example of what can happen when students are given the reins.  The student work attached came from sixth grade students who had just finished their unit which included a study of the Freedom Walkers.  The teacher was looking for a creative project that would give students an outlet for expressing their learning, yet offer them choice.  Lesson delivery came in the form of a #HyperDoc and students were asked to produce a graphic novel using either Slides or Sheets.  Very little direct instruction was given. What ensued is nothing short of amazing, and is incredibly encouraging!

Copy of Copy of The Freedom Walkers Graphic Novel Project

Graphic Novel Project Your School, Your Grade – Your Name- Year **This slide deck is for directions purposes only. You will create a new slide deck and Add to assignment to turn in. Original design by Feramisco

Copy of Group Project – Freedom Walkers

Rosa Parks By:

Copy of Group Project – Freedom Walkers

back in the day there was a bus boycott…it started in 1955.The BUs BOycott MOntgomery, Alabama. It lasted 1 year and it was led by Martin Luther King JR… He was the reason why blacks and whites are together now. 1955 Rosa PArks was arrested for not leaving her seat on a bus.