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Never Skip the Unit Launch Again!

Posted in "How To"

Using HMH Journeys?  Ever skip the Unit Launch due to the time factor?  There’s hope.  Let’s face it, time IS precious in the classroom. Every moment has to be capitalized on.  Unit launches, as amazing as they can be are often never utilized due to the time it takes to launch them.  What if the Launch was created in such a way that students could work independently AND it was accessible throughout the Unit for reference?  Meet the Launch Hyperdoc!  Teachers can assign the Unit Launch through Google Classroom and as students work through the Launch activities, teachers are available to facilitate.  Hyperdocs are engaging for the students and offer the teacher a way to pull all the resources of a lesson into one exciting and fun activity.  While students work, the teacher now has time to actually differentiate and meet the needs of the students as they arise.  Add this template to your Drive, make a copy of it, and begin adding your unit content to get started!

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Journey’s Gr. 3, U4 Launch” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

Journeys Grade 3, Unit 4 Launch Example