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“Pimp My Drive” Rocks!

Posted in EdTech Musings

I woke up on a mission today to once and forever PIMP MY DRIVE!  Translate:  Clean up and organize my Google Drive to a somewhat sustainable condition.  All too often I do a drive by on my Google Drive.  That is, I will be researching for a specific need and run across a post or article that is totally unrelated to what I am searching for (#squirrel), but I can not help myself… I have to stop quickly and save whatever amazing “it” I found or risk losing “it” to the www.abyss forever.  Without having a structure that I can quickly save my amazing find to, my Drive soon resembles my teenage son’s bedroom,  #messy.

No fear, it takes only a few steps and you too can PIMP YOUR DRIVE or better yet, teach your students to PIMP THEIR DRIVE! (Shout out to Jen Giffen, thank you for the great ideas.).  Google allows you to customize your Drive folders and organize them in the exact manner that works for you. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Right click on a folder to prompt the folder options menu









  • Click the arrow to the right of Change color to customize the color of any folder






  • Click on Rename to prompt a folder rename, this will open a pop-up window
  • Go to the site, Copy Paste Character to select the desired character for each folder





  • Paste the character next to the name of the folder
  • Rinse and repeat!

*Quick tips:  1) Folder name needs to be short for character to show.  2) Keep character to the right of the name in order for folders to remain alphabetized.

That’s it in a nutshell!  Have fun PIMPING YOUR DRIVE!