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Save Time with a Daily Tasks Bookmark Folder

Posted in EdTech Musings, G Suite, and Teaching

Save time using Bookmark Bar Folders. How? It’s easy! (Thank you Jeff Bradbury for reminding me!) Follow these steps:

  • Create a folder on your Bookmark bar.
    • Right click anywhere on the grey area of the bookmark bar.
    • Choose the option, “Add folder
  • Name the folder “Daily Links
    • Upon creating the folder, Chrome automatically highlights the field for naming. You simply need to type in the desired name. 
  • Locate the folder, then click to drag the folder to the desired location on your Bookmark bar. (If you do not see the folder, it is located at the bottom of the list under the arrows on the right of the Bookmark bar)

  • Now open an online resource you use daily. 
  • Save the open tab to the Bookmark bar folder – two ways to save to your Bookmark folder.
    • Click and hold on the lock to the left of the URL address and drag the link over the Daily Links folder, then release your click. OR
    • Click on the Star to the right of the URL and choose the folder, “Daily Links

  • Rinse and Repeat for each online resource you use each day. 

HERE is where the TIME SAVING begins! Now that you have all your daily links saved to one folder, all you have to do is open Chrome, then right click on the Daily Links folder and choose the option, “Open all“. 

That’s it!! Every little bit counts … Now go do it.