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Share the love in a Newsletter!

Posted in "How To"

Are newsletters outdated?  That was a question that came up in a recent leadership meeting as we discussed best methods for celebrating our amazing teachers and their student’s products around our district.  I said, “Newsletters are not outdated. Not if the content delivered is current, relevant, and in an easy to access format.”  Teachers are still all-too-often working in silos.  Newsletters can be created quickly and shared easily using Google Docs or Slides curating many innovative and amazing lessons which teachers can quickly adopt for their own.  Docs and Slides offer the ability to link text, images, GIFs, video, and more to just about anything! (#HyperDoc style)  Start with a template and it is even easier.  🙂  Copy the template and now you have an editable newsletter that can be shared as close as your own classroom or as far as the internet will reach!  Which is the best tool, Docs or Slides, is really a personal preference.   Here are a couple of simple tips:  

  1. Click on the “template” link above. (It will open a folder in your Drive. Use your gmail and password to get logged in)  
  2. Double click on either the Doc or the Slide, whichever you prefer.  
  3. Go to File, Make a copy.  
  4. Name the file, then hit enter.
  5. The Doc or Slide will now open in it’s own window and you are ready to edit!
    1. Go to Insert, Horizontal line to create dividers in Docs. Use the Line tool in Slides.
    2. Insert Tables to easily control formatting of text.  Right click on the table to gain access to Table properties which allows for resizing of rows, columns, and more.  Hint:  Use one cell for the Headline; three cells for content.
    3. Insert Google Drawing within Docs for creative control of images, Slides simply Insert, images.
    4. Link up your text, icons, images, video and more for all who you share with to see and you are done!

No longer work in a silo.  Create a newsletter and share!  You will be thanked!  Another twist is to share the template with your students and let them curate news.  They will love it!