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Teaching with iPads and Chromebooks!

Posted in "How To", and EdTech Musings

The need to integrate with technology is an ever increasing necessity.  But for some, it is downright scary!  The old saying, “Practice makes perfect” comes to mind.  There is nothing that improves the ability to integrate with technology like simply getting in there and giving it a good ‘ol fashion go!  One thing is for sure, kids will love you for trying and most can do it better than the adult trying to teach it, that includes me!  So share with your students not just your desire for what you wish for them to accomplish, but also your fear in integrating technology to get them there.  They will be more than willing to get in there and work through it with you!  Attached is some information to help with the integration of iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom.   Peruse the info and even download it for your files for free!

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