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Technology in the Classroom a Monster?

Posted in EdTech Musings

Technology in the Classroom at times can be such a MONSTER!  But it can also provide MAGIC.   When your faced with a new year, new students, New Curriculum, and NEW TECHNOLOGY…  Let’s face it, it is daunting.  At the forefront of the buzzwords is SAMR… and we learn that we need to “teach above the line” AND we DO need to teach above the line.  But whether I am a seasoned teacher or brand new, I am swimming in all that is new and doing my very best to keep up, and SAMR may overwhelm me.   For now, I just want to assign something that I can use to gain insight into my student’s learning, and hopefully be able to provide them some feedback as a good start.   I have a Chromebook for every student and access to ALL the Google Suite Products, but not all of my new curriculum is interactive!  What can I do?   Never fear.  SAMR stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition.  We all have to start somewhere AND the S for Substitution is not a bad word!  It is a start.  Here is a way to assign a PDF using Google Classroom, which gives students the ability to annotate and turn in!  A perfect Substitution start.