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The Flipped Classroom

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Students come in ALL shapes and sizes AND require varying modes of instruction… differentiation needed, DUH!  But in the classroom, with limited time and intermittent interruption, it is a challenge to find the time.  Flipped lessons to the rescue!  Ok… it’s not a perfect solution, but close.  Of course, you can find limitations with flipped lessons too…  such as… What if student’s do not have access to devices or the internet? or What if they simply do not watch the video just like they do not do their homework?!  True and valid concerns… BUT not to fear.  Though these are very real concerns, they are ones that many great teachers have found answers to.  One thing flipped lessons DO offer is the ability for a student to return to the lesson as many times as needed, taking his or her lesson at a pace that they can understand.  In homes where parents are often unable to support the student in their lesson, a flipped lesson gives support outside the classroom walls.  It does take a bit of time to learn the tools to understand exactly how to create a flipped lesson, but… trust me, it is well worth the effort.  Another invaluable gain in flipping your classroom is the TIME you will get back in the classroom!  Making the lesson available to students prior to coming to class gives you the ability to step away from the front and support those students who really need the extra help.  Take a look at the following resource and consider flipping your classroom!

The Flipped Classroom (Public)

The Classroom Flipped By Kelly Orvick By Keith Hughes