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He Writes!!! How I got my “reluctant to write son” to write!

Posted in EdTech Musings

Not all of us are born writers. Most of us have much to say, and my son is one of those. Never at a loss for words, or unwilling to join in and quickly monopolize the conversation, but ask him to write a paragraph and all the conversation stops. The idea of writing chokes out his very thought. Put a pencil in his hand and the boy goes silent; that is, until he was introduced to Google Voice Typing!

The transformation is mind blowing… he wants to write now. Interesting enough, he is still reluctant with every writing assignment given, until he remembers he can speak his assignments onto the paper. What I would have given to offer him this gift years ago before he developed the detest he now has for writing. He is so creative, curious, and excited to share his ideas, but the process of taking those ideas to paper have always been such a struggle for him. Without the tools to get those ideas out in a format he could “turn in”, writing quickly became nothing more than a laborious dreaded waste of his time that often produced negative consequences. Thankfully those days are gone, and can be gone for thousands of other students just like him! The best part is… It is soooo simple Here’s how:

  • Using the Chrome browser, open a Google Doc.
    • There are several ways to get there
      • Type in the url bar
      • Open Drive, click New, choose Docs
      • Add the Google Docs App, go to Apps, then open Docs
      • Add Chrome extension, Google Docs Quick Create, click the icon, choose docs
      • I’m sure there is even more! 😀
  • Go the the menu bar of your Google Doc, Click on Tools
  • Choose Voice Typing (:Note a shortcut key is available. We will talk about that next!)

  • A microphone will appear on the left side of your document.

  • Click on microphone to start and stop recording.
    • First-time users will be prompted to allow microphone. (One-time setup)
    • Want a quicker way? Simply use the shortcut key; hold Ctrl+Shift+S to toggle on and off Voice Typing!
  • All that is left now is editing!

That’s it! Get your reluctant writers writing! Give them the ability to easily get their amazing and creative thoughts out on paper! Allow them to develop a LOVE of writing instead of disdain. We will ALL benefit from it!